I discovered Café Mandacarú at Poble Sec (Barcelona) last Saturday

Not long ago, live music was always present in the nightlife of Barcelona. Nowadays, lots of these places have disappeared thanks to thousand reasons (complains of the neighbours or the City Hall regulations are among them). But there are still some business initiatives with eagerness and energy enough to get involved in this type of ventures. Café Mandacarú is a good example. It has good atmosphere and design, better music, impeccable service and excellent wines, with some snacks (improbable) that will bring this venue to the music scene of the city.

Mandaracu 18ene14 02

Few tables and soft illumination help to create an intimate atmosphere where one can chat with friends while listening good music. The trio is composed of the sax Fredrik Carquilst accompanied by the guitarist Dave Mitchell and Garry Fimister as double bass player. I didn’t know about them (I’m an absolut ignorant of the music of the 20th century) but I will follow their path from now on.

I also enjoyed the wine list, with its almostt unbeatable quality-price ratio and a good number of interesting references. Wine glasses follow the same care and they are changed with every new bottle (we opened an amazing Taleia by the Castell d’Encús winery, and an Acústic by Acústic Celler, two Catalan wines playing in the Champions League).

Mandaracu 18ene14 01

Food is a complement in a venue focussed on wine and jazz. We will have to wait to see how they adjust the menu. The croquettes are really good. I wanted to taste the Patatas bravas (sauteed potatoes in spicy sauce) and the cheese platter, but they will have to wait till my next visit. By the way, the food is vegetarian, so the pertinacious carnivores will have to bring with them some sausages hidden in their pockets…

I post a video for those interesed in jazz. I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the video, only mitigated for the excellent audio that displays.


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