Visiting Lustau

May 2012,

I had the chance to have an excellent wine tasting of lots of references commercialized by Lustau while I was following a sherry-food pairing course in Jerez. Juan Mateos de Arizón, sales manager for enotourism, kindly guided me in the wine tasting. If I were to describe Lustau in a single word, this would be “excellent”.

JerezMay12251The company started its activities in 1896. After several updates, Luis Caballero -owner of the Grupo Caballero- took control of it in 1990. It is a company well known in Spain and in the international markets as well. The consistence of the firm is really good, and not a single brand disappoints.

One can realize of the personality of these wines from the driest to the sweetest one, from the “simplest” categories to the top ones. La Ina, Escuadrilla, Almacenista Manzanilla amontillada Manuel Cuevas Jurado, Almacenista Oloroso “pata de gallina”, Amontillado VORS, Palo cortado VORS, Oloroso VORS and VOS PX Murillo are among them.

The Almacenista and VORS collections are impressive, and created to satisfy a wide range of educated palates. About the brandies: smooth, tasty and well balanced, with great finesse. And we could add the same about the vinegars, well worth to put them in a salad, gazpacho or any plate asking for deep and lasting flavour.

JerezMay12258By the way, for those not introduced in the sherry terminology, VORS refers to Vinum Optimum Rare Signatum or Very Old Rare Sherry; while VOS means Very Old Sherry or Vinum Optimum Signatum. VORS has an average of 30 years old, while VOS has 20 years old.

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