Visiting Orto Vins

7th September 2013,

Foto0159This small cellar started its activity in 2008. They have a motto: quality. Its name, Orto Vins, comes from a Greek word meaning “right”, “straightforward”, “correct”. It also refers to the sunrise or sun up is the instant at which the upper edge of the Sun appears over the eastern horizon in the morning. In any case, both meanings are linked with quality. Their wines are looking forward uniqueness and terroir. Their parcels are scattered in the area of the DO Montsant.

IMG_4529They are small and well balanced with nature. Joan Asens, J.M. Beltran, Jordi Beltran and J.M. Jové are the four wine makers responsible of this project. They care a lot of their vines and wines and the result is very, very good stuff.

IMG_4559They produce a young red wine Orto (Cariñena, Garnacha, Cabernet sauvignon and Tempranillo), Les Comes d’Orto (Tempranillo, Carignen and Grenache); an oak free white wine Blanc d’Orto (white Grenache); and a serie of red wines called singularidades de Orto, which are single varietal wines coming from singular parcels, that transmit an intense personality: Palell (“Garnacha peluda”), Les Pujoles (Tempranillo), Les Tallades de Cal Nicolau (black Picapoll) and La Carrerada (Cariñena).Besides these wines, they produce in tiny quantities some delicious sweet wines called Dolç d’Orto, made of white Garnacha  and “Garnacha peluda” grapes) and Dolç d’Orto Negre, made of Garnacha y «Garnacha peluda». Personally, I enjoyed the most the Dolç d’Orto and Palell. Once you have visited a cellar like this and talked with a passionate master as Joan  Asens one can grasp which will be the future of the high quality wines. We will have  to follow them in the coming years.


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