Sherry Festival in Barcelona 15-23 May 2015

Normally, I do not comment anything about the daily activity in the wine sector. Nevertheless, the Sherry Festival that will be held in Barcelona between 18th and 23rd of May deserves few lines.IMG_3356 Sherry has suffered ups and downs in the last, let’s say, 150 years. It is one of the most wonderful, unique and recognized wine typologies in the world but, despite the official recognition among the connoisseurs it is not well appreciated.

How is that? This will need a complete post to explain how this wonder is underestimated.

What I would like to point out here is that this Sherry Festival in Barcelona is the first experience of this level celebrated in the city ever

I was lucky to be in the last edition that took place in Madrid last year. It was the Paradise! Terrific! I spent the whole day tasting everything I could, and I didn’t manage to taste all of them. It was impossible to taste everything! Lots of references of wines with high concentration on the nose and palate, letting your soul KO for several minutes (I will remember it forever).

A professional showroom will be held at the Hotel Majestic on Monday 18th May. This will be the DAY for any sherry lover, and it will set a new standard in the relationship between Jerez-Xérès-Sherry and the city.

Several seminars, gourmet experiences and master classes have been scheduled for the whole week. I know that some restaurants are building up a fruitful relationship among their menus and sherry. This is good for the customers, the restaurants and wineries and I will do my best to reinforce this trend and help to set sherry where always had to be, i.e., among the best wines in the world and appreciated as such.

Just some tips, in case you are nearby:

The Chef’s menu at Restaurant Etapes ( with a wonderful pairing of wine and food. They will pair a high cuisine with Emilio Hidalgo’s wines: Fino Hidalgo, La Panesa, El Tresillo, El Tresillo 1874, Villapanés and Privilegio Palo Cortado 1860. It is almost impossible to experience something like that in any place in the world.

The special menu at Monvinic (recognized as one of the best wine bars in the world) in which they will offer high cuisine paired with sherry.

And last but not least a casual tapas bar, Cal Marino, where you will get nice tapas matched with sherry.

Let’s live!

Let’s drink sherry!


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